FOX III Laser with applicator
FOX III Laser with applicator

Conventional PA treatments with the Fox 810

The laser kills bacteria, which cause periodontitis – germ reduction – the FOX eases the concretion removal through curettage.


Full-Mouth-Periodontitis-Treatment with EmunDo®

1. Mixing the EmunDo® colorant.

2. Applying the green colorant EmunDo® onto teeth and teethridge.

3. With no residence time, it can be immediately irradiated with the laser.

4. In total the EmunDo® therapy consists of the irradiation with three different handpieces, graded from extensive irradiation spaces to small pockets in order to activate all colored fields.


5. At the end, simple rinsing out is enough; the colorant is completely bio compatible and no absorption from the body takes place.

6. The mechanical removal of concretion (Deep Scaling & Root Planing) is easier, as these are loosened through PTT.