Photothermal therapy PTT

The EmunDo Therapy is germicidal for the PA causing germs

The colorant enables an increased of local absorption at the concretion and the inflamed tissue but healthy tissue is spared and not affected.

• Softer curettage possible

• Bio stimulating effect

• No bacterial transmission during curettage

• Possibility of no antibiotics

• Easily to rinse of

• Colorant is completely bio compatible with a long medical history in Oncology and Ophthalmology


EmunDo and FOX Q810plus - Breakthrough is photothermal therapy

The colorant EmunDo is stimulated through the irradiation with the FOX Laser and kills effectively all gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

During activation a sole thermal process takes place. Due to low performance there is neither thermal tissue damage nor photo-thermal erosion through burning or evaporation. No glazing of dentine, as the irradiation takes places with extremely low power.


The PTT helps the surgeon with scaling & Root Planing:
The concretion is significantly loosened through this therapy and are easier to remove, furthermore there is a easier detection through the coloring. The treatment period shortens and it is more painless for the patient.

The excellent characteristics of EmunDo® PTT

  1. Antibacterial effect
    Regardless of already existing antibiotic resistances, all gram positive/ negative, especially the AA-complex, as well as gram variable and gram undefined types are being destroyed. Due to the germ killing effect no antibiotics are necessary, this avoids problems with already existing resistances or new resistance formations.

  2. Gentle therapy
    Since the PTT destroys the biofilm and the germs in deep pockets, the patient loses less root substance than during a complete and repeated mechanical cleaning, what leads to a lower hypersensitivity.

  3. Selective therapy
    EmunDo® works selectively and locally, as it only attaches to inflamed areas. Meanwhile the coloring of the biofilm and the inflamed areas shows where further irradiation is necessary.

  4. Diode laser FOX
    The FOX is a strong diode laser with a reserve capacity of 8W, which can be used in very different dental therapies. The wavelength of the FOX Q810 plus (810 nm) is for additional applications in surgery, endodontics, bleaching, LLLT and conventional laser perio therapy.

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