Hybrid Laser Solution

Flexible - Versatile - User-friendly

The laser system with a variable penetration depth. Apply your laser beam in two different wavelengths or a mixture of both. This means a high grade of flexibility for you as a surgeon and maximum comfort for your patients.

The best from two worlds:
…best in coagulation
…best in cutting


Hybrid 980 + 532 nm

  • One handpiece - two laser beams
  • High power IR 980 is combined with a wavelength of 532 nm
  • Touch screen for both lasers
  • Elegant design
  • Benefit from a broad range of affordable accessories from A.R.C.

980 nm

Penetration depth of the 980 nm laser
Penetration depth of the 980 nm laser

The 980 nm wavelength offers precise cutting and protects the surrounding tissue. Postoperative pain is significantly reduced compared to non-laser procedures. Benefit from minimal or no requirement for anesthetics.
The system creates short pulses for minimal discomfort and improved patient compliance.

532 nm

Penetration depth of the 532 nm laser
Penetration depth of the 532 nm laser

532 nm is an established wavelength for a wide range of soft tissue applications.  The depth of penetration is limited for increased control while providing excellent hemostasis, vaporization and cutting power. This allows a more tolerable procedure and - whenever possible - convenience for the patient.
The superficial penetration of the 532 nm wavelength minimizes complications and offers modern treatment options.
Its incorporated selective ablation avoids epithelial damage.