WOLF TruBlue

WOLF TruBlue

TruBlue unites the benefits of CO2- and KTP-lasers

The growing demand for non-contact surgery procedures causing less necrosis drove development towards this new surgery system which provides a much higher flexibility than a CO2-laser.

TruBlue is our smallest "CO2 + KTP"-like laser unit for coagulation, vaporization and bloodless surgery. It incorporates the unique benefit of a razor-sharp scalpel inside an extremely flexible glass fiber.

Join the TruBlue revolution!

TruBlue unites CO2- and KTP-lasers

Truly non-contact cutting

Just like a CO2: Due to its very high absorption in hemoglobin and the high scattering effect the WOLF TruBlue allows you to cut in non-contact-mode with simultaneous coagulation.

Fibers with 300, 400, oder 600 μm

Truly flexible

Various fibers with 300, 400, oder 600 μm as well as the progress in glass fiber technology make the TruBlue highly flexible. The laser beam delivered through those flexible fibers allows perfect endoscopic surgeries.

Versatile and efficient in contact and non-contact mode

Truly efficient

The 10 W power of the TruBlue is as efficient as 40 W of a CO2-laser and can cut like CO2 in non-contact mode.

Low-noise operation

Truly silent

Compared to its predecessors, WOLF TruBlue is significantly quieter and smaller because of its reduced cooling requirements.

The TruBlue effect is ten times higher than of a KTP-laser

Truly photoangiolytic

Due to its very high absorption in hemoglobin the WOLF TruBlue has coagulation characteristics no other wavelength can achieve.

Portable and lightweight tabletop laser

Truly lightweight

The WOLF is the perfect portable and lightweight tabletop laser companion for your practice or operation theatre.

Small size for high mobility

Think big, act everywhere

The small dimensions of the WOLF TruBlue ease your everyday routine.

No matter if you need the WOLF TruBlue in the outpatient department or in the operation theatre - just put it in the transport case and take it wherever you want.

Fact Sheet

  CO2 KTP TruBlue
Necrosis low high low
Coagulation low good high
Photoangiolytic - ++ +++
Vaporisation high low high
Cutting non-contact   contact        contact &

The extremely robust and portable WOLF offers a good interaction of design, compactness and power. Furthermore, you don´t have a great necrosis zone like you have by cutting with the KTP- or any diode laser in contact mode.

With its wide range of handpieces and flexible fibers in various diameters the TruBlue is lifted up to a new level of usability with which no CO2-laser can compete. This allows a user experience that looks for its equal.

The TruBlue laser is able to fulfill the demands for a vast variety of applications where contact or non-contact treatment is needed. The appliance of the WOLF TruBlue is far less aggressive than the usage of the CO2 and makes the need of helium or air flow obsolete.

The WOLF is the new portable and lightweight tabletop laser companion for your practice or operation theatre - even for endoscopic use.

The illustrations partially contain optional equipment which is not included in a standard delivery. Modifications in constructions and features as well as wrong conclusions are subject to change.