The Allrounder in Laser Technology

A.R.C. Laser is a synonym for laser technology "Made in Germany". Development and production take place in Germany and A.R.C. has made a name for itself as one of the best performing laser companies worldwide.
The roots of the family business with its place of business in Nuremberg reach back to the beginnings of the medical use of lasers. The founders of Meditec GmbH (1978) brought the very first commercially obtainable Nd:YAG laser for secondary cataract surgery in ophthalmology to the market in 1982. Later on the very first excimer laser for refractive surgery followed.
A.R.C. is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and the distribution of medical lasers: Primarily for ophthalmology and ENT. Aside from those disciplines we also have a focus on dermatology, surgery, gynecology and especially on dental areas of application.

TruBlue - Angiolytic laser treatment

WOLF TruBlue

report about the angiolytic training on the use of A.R.C. Laser Wolf 445nm


Angiolytic laser process on the larynx
Phonosurgical aspects in transoral laser microsurgery


S. Strieth1 · J. Hagemann1 · M. Hess2
1 Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Klinik, UniversitätsmedizinMainz, Mainz, Deutschland
2 Deutsche Stimmklinik, Hamburg, Deutschland

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AAO 2020, Las Vegas

Visit us in LAS VEGAS

Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Experience the largest exhibition of ophthalmic technology, products and services in the world.
Las Vegas. Nevada. USA - United States of America

Remember to stop by our booth

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L-ord for CLASSIC Retina Laser, Argon
L-ord, adapt a argon retina laser to your slit lamp

L-ord - adapt a retina laser to your slit lamp as easy as 1-2-3

Benefit from the advantage to perform retinal laser procedures** with almost any slit lamp*

The system enables you to combine your slit lamp with a retina laser. Simply via plug-and-play, connected in just a few simple steps. The laser optics can be removed at any time. It allows a regular use of your slit lamp, whenever you are not going to perform retinal laser application.


* Valid for slit lamps similar to HS
** Only in combination with CLASSIC 514

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Appealing design, an ergonomic user interface, clear usability and extrwemely high flexibility thanks to 3 different wavelengths. Optimized for surgery, dental and ENT.
The premium laser among all the portable diode lasers.

The medical laser for design oriented doctors and clinicians.

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WOLF, high power laser
WOLF, ideal laser for your surgery, have a look at the TruBlue Version

WOLF TruBlue - New publication about another possible use

See the new „How I do it“ from Prof. Dr. M. Hess and Dr. S. Fleischer about a percutaneous approach that “… allows one to deliver laser light into the larynx via glass fibre in cases where office-based indirect surgery, as well as direct microlaryngoscopy, are not possible”.

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CITO - Microchip SLT

SLT Glaucoma therapy without compromise for the very highest requirements. Designed for the anterior are of the eye and equipped with an intuitive touch screen for the most rapid refresh rate on the market.

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FOX 514 mm - Endocoagulation made portable

With the small portable ENDO we continue the history of the argon laser!
The new argon is small - lightweight and can be operated without interfering cables in battery operation mode.

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WOLF, high power laser
WOLF, ideal laser for your surgery, have a look at the TruBlue Version

WOLF TruBlue - Performance meets Efficiency

The smallest "CO2 + KTP" -like laser system for coagulation, vaporization and bloodless operations with all advantages of a razor-sharp scalpel - unite in one extremely flexible glass fiber. Join the TruBlue revolution!

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Q-LAS posterior cataract and iridotomy
Q-LAS the laser to apply at posterior cataract and glaucoma (iridotomy)

Q-LAS - The Laser for Secondary Cataract Treatment

The laser for the daily routine in secondary cataract surgery and iridotomy. Our solution for the comfortable secondary cataract surgery: You don't want to have to swivel out the slit lighting in order to treat your patient? The Q-LAS allows for this work simplification due to its downwards-shifted prism.

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Laser Innovations Made in Germany

We are happy about Germany as our place of business. It belongs to the ten states that profit the most from globalization and the interconnectedness tied to it, and shows that globalization does not have to come down to a mere race for the cheapest workplaces. Germany has a large amount of skilled professionals and offers the ideal future perspective to our business.


Angela Thyzel, CEO

A.R.C. Laser

With over 70 employees at
our location in Nuremberg alone
A.R.C. Laser is well positioned
for competing in the segment
of laser technology.

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