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A.R.C. is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and the distribution of medical lasers: Primarily for ophthalmology and ENT. Aside from those disciplines we also have a focus on dermatology, surgery, gynecology and especially on dental areas of application. Get to know all areas of application for the lasers manufactured by A.R.C. Laser on these pages.


As one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision lasers, we stand for the conjunction of innovatice ideas and the patients' wellbeing.

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Dentistry today has changed in a dramatic way over the past years and the application of newest laser technology renders the painless execution of many dental and gingival treatments possible.

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Dermatology and Aesthetics

From rejuvenation of the skin, to treatment of changed skin and vascular areas or reducing undesired resistant fat pads - all these applications are treatable with the lasers of A.R.C.

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Surgery / Gynecology

Due to their tissue-conserving low depth of penetration, these lasers convince especially during procedures in sensitive regions: They cause low amounts of bleeding, are atraumatic and enable uncomplicated wound healing.

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Nowadays, lasers became nearly indispensable in the field of ENT surgery. Depending on the application, three different lasers are used: the diode laser with the wavelengths of 980nm or 1470nm, the green KTP laser or the CO2 laser.

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Veterinary Medicine

It's impossible to imagine modern veterinary practices without lasers. Depending on the area of application there are - just like in human medicine - various solutions that shorten treatment times significantly and prove advantageous to the wellbeing of four-legged patients.

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