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As one of the world's leading manufacturers of diode lasers for odontology, we stand for the conjunction of innovatice ideas and the patients' wellbeing. Browse our pages for solutions for the simplification and facilitation of treatments that would otherwise only be possible with mechanical instruments like a scalpel!


Dentistry today has changed in a dramatic way. The gruesome thought of visiting a dentist is history. Painless and bloodless, no risk of infections.

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Biostimulation serves an improved wound healing, relief of pain and a faster healing period through stimulation of conjunctive tissue.

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The main application fields for the FOX are in the conjunctive tissue surgery and the germ reduction in the root canal or the gingival pocket.

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Endodontics serve the complete removal of germs inside the root canal and of smear layer as well as drying out of canals for better adaption of filling.

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The laser kills bacteria, which cause periodontitis – germ reduction – the FOX eases the concretion removal through curettage.

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Photothermal Therapy PTT

The dye EmunDo® is stimulated through the irradiation with the FOX Laser and kills effectively all gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

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