1. A.R.C. Laser
  2. Applications
  3. Dermatology / Aesthetics
  4. Lipolysis


Fat deposit can be melted with the help of laser-supported Lipolysis through controlled thermal effect. Surrounding tissue is not harmed at it and it has also a tightening effect. The Laser Lipolysis can be used additionally for example in the neck and facial area, the hips, the upper arms, abdominal wall as well as at knees.

General advantages of this procedure for patient and surgeon:

  • ambulant treatment
  • local anaesthesia
  • low risc of haematoma
  • no scar formation

We offer the appropiate wavelength for your demand:

  • WOLF 980 nm for a resurfacing effect
  • WOLF 1470 nm for an intensive Lipolysis effect