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  4. Nail Fungus

Therapy options for nail fungus

The FOX nail fungus laser

The laser beam is moved slowly over the nail bed during treatment. The generated warmth under and in the nail harms undesired the fungus colony. Your patient feels just a simple warming during treatment, which requires one or two minutes for each nail.

The small laser – effective against nail fungus

Pure comfort – exceptionally good results even with a moderate compliance of your patient, thanks to the laser impact of 1064 nm.

The laser beam is moved in a grid pattern over the foot nail for an effective treatment.

The nail laser therapy has a high success rate. After a completed treatment is the nail fungus treated in a way that a healthy nail can grow.

  • Safe procedure
  • No anesthesia necessary
  • Free from side effects
  • Well compatible
  • No visible damage to the treated nail or the surrounding skin
  • No medicine necessary

Nail Fungus Treatment with the FOX Diode Laser

One more Video about Nail fungus

Nail Fungus Treatment with the FOX Diode Laser