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As one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision lasers, we stand for the conjunction of innovatice ideas and the patients' wellbeing. Browse our pages for solutions for the simplification and facilitation of treatments that make crucial sensory impressions come alive again for patients!


The Dacroyostorhinostomy (DCR) can be carried out minimally invasive via the lacrimal passages.

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An untreated Glaucoma is often causing blindness – even by today.

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Cataract is the most common reason for visual impairment worldwide. It usually affects people aged over 50+ but may also occur due to trauma, radiation exposure or be present from birth.

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Secondary Cataract Surgery

Still there are a few patients, with reoccurring cataract after the lens implantation surgery. The visual acuity is reduced again and a re-treatment is indispensable.

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Oculoplastic Surgery

The aesthetic and functional surgery of the lids can be carried out with our laser system from A.R.C. Laser atraumatically and with reduced bleeding.

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Diseases on the retina require often a laser treatment. Ablation of the retina or bleeding have to be stopped to avoid further disadvantages for the patient's eye.

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