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Glaucoma is a serious disease

An untreated Glaucoma is often causing blindness – even by today. There are different reasons for a Glaucoma affection. The most common is a high intra ocular pressure (IOD). Long before the visual acuity is affected and parts are vanishing from the visual field, the disease is already existent and should be treated. As an alternative to the intra ocular pressure reduction through drug administration, the SLT treatment is highly recommendable. This treatment of the wide angle glaucoma is nearly painless and is done with the slitlamp in the ophthalmology doctors office.

In serious cases we offer the FOX laser also for the ciliary body coagulation. The treatment is very efficient for glaucoma with high intra ocular pressure. There is not much effort needed from a physician to run this art of treatment.

For the treatment of an angle-closure glaucoma, a rare but serious disease, we offer you our Q-LAS which is a suitable laser for this treatment.


Iridotomy with the Q-LAS

SLT treatment with the CITO