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A.R.C. Laser is a synonym for laser technology "Made in Germany". Development and production take place in Germany and A.R.C. has made a name for itself as one of the best performing laser companies worldwide.
The roots of the family business with its place of business in Nuremberg reach back to the beginnings of the medical use of lasers.  Learn more about the company, its services as well as current news and career chanes at A.R.C. Laser on these pages.

Company Profile

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision lasers, we stand for the conjunction of innovatice ideas and the patients' wellbeing.

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We are always looking for dedicated students, graduates, specialists or professionally experienced employees with a good knowledge of the German language. (Page only available in German)

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The news of A.R.C. Laser point out special occurences, announce events or report on relevant internal matters of A.R.C. lasers.

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A.R.C. Laser Academy

A.R.C. Laser has made it its mission to promote the exchange of experiences between users and distributors and make mutual learning possible, e. g. about examples of best practices. All involved can profit from this exchange directly on-site at A.R.C.

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Partners & Friends

It's an important concern to us that partners and friends of A.R.C. are supplied with image data, logos and other helpful ressources. Upon request you will generally receive access to our download area.

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