Cataract Surgery with the Nano Laser (Archive)

Cataract Surgery with the Nano Laser

The wish for a treatment of cataract with a laser has a high priority for many patients. The advantages of modern laser surgery are undisputed, as it is perfectly sterile and dispenses with reusable instruments.

In the ophthalmic clinic Charlottenklinik this treatment is permanent feature of daily operation routine. Chief physician Prof. Dr. Sauder: The Charlottenklinik offers its patients the possibility to have their cararact surgery carried out with this innovative laser technology. Laser impulses on nanoscale reduce the lense to small pieces and the eye is not subjected to direct laser energy. As all used materials are sterile single-use products, this method of operation comes with a high level of hygiene. The nano laser method is only suited for lense cores that don't exceed a certain degree of hardness.


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