Laser CO2-Laser (Carbondioxide laser)
Wavelength 10,600 nm
Output power *

30 Watt

10 Watt Super Pulse

Pulse length 20 ms to 500 ms / CW
Pulse pause 20 ms to 500 ms / SP
Aiming Beam Red 635 nm, adjustable
Beam Guidance

Articulated Arm

with Micromanipulator

or Handpiece

Display Color-Touchscreen
Dimensions 491 x 478 x 200 mm
Weight 30 kg
Power Supply

100 - 260 V~

47 - 63 Hz

5 A or 10 A

* end of Articulated Arm

Techn. changes reserved.

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Laser for surgery

Treatments with a CO2 laser are characterized by a very successful healing process – there remain often no scars after treatments on the surface.

Less pain and fast cure with the C-Las

This carbon dioxide laser is an approved tool for an extremely fine cutting and removal of the histoid. The CO2 laser is securely established in all the specialist disciplines since many years. It is very welcome by many doctors in hospitals as well as in many outpatient clinics thanks to its reliability and versatility. C-Las is flexible.


The Micromanipulator can be adapted to almost all the microscopes of your choice. C-Las is innovative.

Fiber or articulated arm?

The decision depends on your needs. The waveguide technology allows a very flexible application of the laser with a high mobility level. The option with an articulated arm suits pefectly for colposcopy and micromanipulators.

Simply good results

The latest technology which is represented in our CO2 laser allows a compact design. The location of the laser doesn't matter, on the table or on the trolley, the C-Las suits in every surgery room. This design shows a strong character. C-Las is precise.

  • micromanipulator as an option
  • Precise cuts with the different handpieces
  • Weight of only 30 kg
  • Fast access to all the surgery programs

Superglottis Carcinoma Treatment with the CO2 Laser C-LAS