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Dye for Photothermal Therapy

EmunDo® and FOX  –
Breakthrough in Photothermal Therapy

More than 75 % of adults suffer from periodontitis (PD) and other bacterial infections of the gums or the oral cavity. Attempts to mechanically clean the bleeding gums may lead to the transfer of bacteria in the mouth into the bloodstream (bacteremia) potentially causing the bacteria to spread throughout the body.

The consequence: Unwanted bacteria may result in cerebrovascual diseases.
Due to the stress on the immune system, the risk of diseases of the arteria carotis, heart attacks, arthritis, diabetes and premature births is rising. This clearly shows that the PD bacteria is more harmful than smoking, obesity or high cholesterol levels.

Now, it is possible to reduce or totally avoid the use of antibiotics and eliminate all of the associated health risks for patients with periodontitis. Independent of antibiotic resistance, EmunDo® selectively destroys the relevant PD-Germs.

EmunDo® Therapy reaches germs  even in deep gingival pockets. Patients that undergo an extensive, repeated mechanical cleaning now have the chance to lose less root substance. Your patients will appreciate  the lower hypersensitivity.

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