Laser Diode
Laser Wavelength

980 nm

Display / Control Color Touch-Screen
Output Power (Laser) 40 W
Aiming Beam 635 nm, adjustable
Fiber Connection Proprietary
Operating Modes CW, Pulsed
Power Requirements 200-240 VAC, 47/63 Hz 6 A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 16x48x42 (cm)
Weight 25 kg

Changes in design and/or specifications to enhance performance, will be incorporated without any further notice.


More Power - More Possibilities

The CHIROLAS has an output power of 40 watt at the fiber end.
This high-performance IR diode laser thus possesses sufficient power for a multitude of applications.

Easy Handling

Thanks to its large power reserve, the CHIROLAS is ideal for endovascular treatements, as larger vessels might not always be treatable in the conventional transcutaneous manner. The accessories allow for an effective laser treatment of veins.

Expand your performance spectrum with the CHIROLAS: A large, easily readable and detachable display facilitates the daily work with this 40 watt laser that will surely meet your requirements and expectations.