Laser Diodelaser
Display Color-Touchscreen

Wavelength: Power *

810 nm: 8 Watt

980 nm: 12 Watt

Pulse length 100 µs bis 45s / CW
Pulse pause 100 µs bis 45s / SP
Aiming Beam Green 532 nm, adjustable
Fibercoupling A.R.C. Laser U.C. 2.0
Dimensions WxDxH

142 x 163 x 174 mm


142 x 102 x 192 mm


Weight 1.2 kg
Power Supply

100-240 V~

47-63 Hz,

1.06-0.45 A


or integrated battery, rechargeable

* at fiber end. Please determine desired wavelength on order.

Techn. changes reserved.


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  2. Products
  3. Diode Lasers
  4. FOX

Delivery Range

Touch screen

The modern color touch screen with a very simple guide: you can set and change the adjustments intuitionally.

FOX gives you a better view: Green aiming beam

The green aiming beam of the FOX laser improves the alignment and the exact sighting during the treatment.

Mobile like your assistant

The convenient battery operation allows implementing treatments everywhere and every time. You can transport the FOX in the helpful case wherever you want. FOX means flexibility

FOX for ophthalmology

individually designed hand pieces for
Retinal photocoagulation
µCPC and


Performing Cyclophotocoagulation with minimal parameters in a very new way to reduce the IOP in ophthalmology.

ENT: DCR with FOX Laser

Turbinoplasty with the FOX Diode Laser


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