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Small, versatile and powerful

The WOLF - optional with 980 nm or 1470 nm - has the potential for a big amount of applications. The laser is designed for giving up to 18 watt output power.

The WOLF gains significance through qualitiy, design and the art of processing.

Innovative and versatile

This laser system provides the latest laser technology, which can be for example very useful at treatments with 1470 nm in endovascular surgery thanks to the latest donut fiber. The laser provides you with 18 watt in the version of 980 nm: it is ideal for surgical, orthopedic, dermatological or ENT treatments.

Stackable, modern Design

The Wolf rises over the competitors thanks to its features. We were able to reduce the dimensions and improve the handling byo using long-lasting and reliable materials. It provides flexibility concerning the installation in clinics or surgery rooms.

The best in its class

We offer an advanced performance index in form, size and function on the basis of the WOLF housing. Thanks to its range of fibers from 300 to 600 µm and different handpieces, the WOLF allows you flexibility and versatility, which perfectly suits in every modern doctor’s office.

Easy in application

  • Color touch screen
  • Editable applications
  • Individual programming
  • Different fiber sizes and applicators available
  • Plug & Play

WOLF, 980 nm

WOLF, 1064 nm + 1470 nm

Endovascular Treatment with the WOLF

DCR with the WOLF Diode Laser


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