Laser Diodelaser
Wavelength: Power *

445 nm: 4 Watt

810 nm: 8 Watt

980 nm: 12 Watt


445 nm:

1 ms bis 60 s / CW


810/980 nm:

100µs bis 60 s / CW


445 nm:

1 ms bis 60 s / SP


810/980 nm:

100µs bis 60 s / SP

Aimingbeam Green 532 nm, < 1 mW
Dimensions WxDxH

142 x 163 x 174 mm

(set up)

142 x 75 x 192 mm


Weight 1.4 kg / 2,8 kg**
Power supply

100-240 V~, 47-63 Hz,

1.06-0.45 A

* at fiber end. Please determine desired wavelength on order.

** with submodule

Techn. changes reserved.


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Versatility in new elegance

Into the attractive aluminium housing a large touchscreen is integrated. It provides highest usability with its inuitive user interface.

Two wavelengths in one device? - No problem! Combine wavelenghts that exactly match your needs.

Mobile and powerful

Due to battery operation the laser can be placed almost everywhere - if in the OR or in a practice.

With the clever transportation case you can carry the FOX IV, which weighs only 1.4 kg and is powerful up to 12 W, wherever you need it.


Flexibility by Colour ...

Choose the FOX IV system fitting your needs.

Does the new blue wavelength or near infrared match your applications?
Why not combine both!

The system adjusts to you - not the other way around.


… in ENT treatments …

Use 445 nm or 980 nm for rhinology and otology. We gladly help you finding the right colour for your treatments.

... or in Dentistry

In combination with the well-established wavelength of 810 nm there is no better laser for soft tissue and Photo-Thermal-Therapy (EmunDo).

Its special advantage is to work with 2 laser wavelengths as well as its appealing user interface.

Tailored accessories

No application is like the other! Choose from our HiFlex Fibers the ideal one (300, 400, or 600 µm) for your application no matter if in combination with our surgery handpiece or with your endoscope. We also offer a wide spectrum of sterile single-use probes for various applications. We gladly assist you to tailor your accessories to your needs.