Laser Diodelaser
Display Color-Touchscreen
Wavelength: Power *

514 nm: 8 Watt

Aiming Beam Red 635 nm, adjustable
Fibercoupling A.R.C. Laser U.C.
Pulse length 20 ms bis 60 s / CW
Pulse pause 20 ms bis 60 s / SP
Dimensions WxDxH 491 x 421 x 161 mm
Weight 25 kg
Power Supply

110-230 V~

47-63 Hz

5 A bzw. 10 A

* at Fiberend.

Techn. changes reserved.


  • Surgery / Gynecology
  • Dermatology / Aesthetics
    • Vessels and Pigments
  • ENT
    • Treatment of early Laryngeal Carcinoma
    • DCR
    • Dysplasia Removals
    • Glottic Carcinoma Resection
    • Haemangioma and Ectasia Coagulation
    • Haemangioma
    • Larynx / Oropharynx
    • Microsurgery of the Vocal Fold
    • Otology
    • Papillomatosis
    • Polypectomy in the Vocal Cord area
    • Reinke-Oedema
    • Rhinology
    • Vocal Cord Lesions
    • Telangiectasia
    • Tumour Excision
    • Tumour Vaporization
    • Vascular Lesions
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  2. Products
  3. KTP Laser

NUVOLAS – THE green Laser

More power - more possibilities

Nuvolas offers full 8 Watt power at fiber output and is therefore one of the most powerful green lasers for medical use. Our powerful laser guarantees more power needed for most diverse applications.

Wide application spectrum

The green laser finds use in plenty medical fields. Especially in ENT it is a fixed part in many hospitals. Its good absorption in hemoglobin and the high absorption in pigment open up a series of opportunities to you.


Tailored accessories

No application is like the other! Choose from our HiFlex Fibers the ideal one (300, 400, or 600 µm) for your application no matter if in combination with our surgery handpiece or with your endoscope. We also offer a wide spectrum of sterile single-use probes for various applications. We gladly assist you to tailor your accessories to your needs.

Ambulant Transnasal Treatment of the vocal chords with the NUVOLAS

Visualization of the absorption spectrum of the NUVOLAS


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