Laser 514 nm (Argon-green)
Output Power*

1,5 Watt max.

Pulse length 1 ms to cw
Pulse interval 100 ms to 1.000 ms
Frequency 1 bis 9 Hz
Aiming beam 635 nm, < 1 mW
Foot print (HWT) 175 x 125 x 160 mm
Weight 1.2 kg
Power supply 90 - 230 VAC / Battery powered
Fiber attachments 1 Endo-Fiber-Port
Accessories opt. LiO Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope /
Endo Probes

* at laser head. The device and the delivery system is protected by one or more patents. Technical data may change without notice.

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Fox 514

Back to the Future


I have experienced all the research from Xenon-Lamp via the argon laser to the KTPLasers.
Today the latest so called „Argon“ is as compact as a camera - If I would have known that 43 years ago, we could have
saved a lot of work in research and development – That‘s Life.

Reinhardt Thyzel, A.R.C. Laser


Story begins with a Dye-Laser from Meditec

The picture shows the Dye laser with all the colors from green to yellow to red. The housing dimensions have decreased significantly, the systems have been effective and have become established in clinical therapy.

The A.R.C. KTP-Laser in 2009

The “second generation” KTP lasers substituted the argon wavelength (514nm). These lasers became more affordable, and were soon appearing in community hospitals and even physicians’ offices.

Our new FOX ENDO

The refinement of technology in medical lasers have made it possible to treat conditions previously considered untreatable or difficult to treat. Patients benefit by improved results and less cost. Our new ENDO (1.5 Watt, cw) features microsecond pulses.

Universal hand pieces

No matter which system you are going to work with: FOX, CLASSIC or ENDO, our hand pieces are easy to use with all those laser system. The patented fiber click-system allows full compatibility.

Delivery Range


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