Q-LAS posterior cataract and iridotomy
Q-LAS the laser to apply at posterior cataract and glaucoma (iridotomy)
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse length  < 4 ns
Aiming beam diode red / 2 beams
Output 0,3 - 10 mJ, smooth spot 
Size diameter in the air  < 10 µm
Angle, laser lens 16°
Burst mode  1 - 2 - 3 pulse, 20 µs pulse pause
Repeat frequency 2.5 5 pulses per second
Mode structure Gauß
Focus shift 3 steps - 0/125/250 µ - posterior
Cooling air
Input tension  230 V, 50 Hz, 3A / 110 V, 6 A

Alterations in equipment and specification which are subject to technical development, are put into practice automatically.


Capsulotomy and Iridotomy

The Q-LAS gives you the possibility to treat secondary cataracts and the wide-angle-glaucoma. It links economy, ergonomics and longevity in a very innovative way.

  • Outstanding focusing with the two-part laser beam
  • Combination with CLASSIC
  • Laser beam and slit illumination are coaxial

Dual spot focus

The concept is to overlay 2 spots - This dual spot focus from A.R.C. Laser supports you effectively to position your laser.

Combined systems

The Q-LAS can be combined with the CLASSIC retina laser. Furthermore, the Q-LAS is available with two different types of slit lamps.


  • With a classical YAG slit lamp
  • Illumination radiation channel through prism


  • Light source at the tip of the slit projector
  • High end optical quality

Iridotomy with the Q-LAS

Capsulotomy with the Q-LAS